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 “Other than being a superlative professional, Suresh comes through as a very quick witted individual. You can't miss a good laugh when you are with him. And perhaps this quality of his is what wins him client after client, among other things. The work that he and his team have been doing for Disha Direct is commendable. A company characterized by fast growth within a short span of time was in dire need of HR systems and processes. Initial dialogues with Suresh, though time-consuming were extremely fruitful and today his team is handling our training requirements as well. Recommending Suresh and his team will always be a pleasure.”
Sandhya Iyer
Sr. Manager - Customer Support,
Disha Direct Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2008 Organization


“Suresh is an expert in HR and has worked with Top companies. I see a great value and a great result in his work through Erudite. Tries to explore the problems with his solutions which makes him to stand as an achiever. His service is a great asset to any company.”
Antony Felix

“Suresh is a very transparent and reliable individual. His ability to build trust with people quickly and leverage that into building effective partnerships to get tasks completed is his biggest strength. It is a quality that is rare and a quality that makes people follow.” April 20, 2009
Jawad Ahmed


Senior Consultant,


Turning Point Training & Assessment Systems
worked indirectly for Suresh at Erudite Solutions

“Suresh is simply one of the best people I have come across-both as a professional and a human being.He has a god gifted sense of humour and he uses it in good measure. A natural leader, Suresh makes the most difficult tasks look like a cakewalk.He is the perfect boss and a mentor who can motivate you to perform to your fullest potential. It was a highly enjoyable and enriching experience working with Suresh and I look forward to working with him in future”
Dipti Naik


Manager-OD & HR, USV Ltd.

“It is a pleasure to recommend Suresh as a senior colleague, friend and last but not the least a true HR person. He is approachable to anyone who needs help.He has worked hard in the last few years to implement good HR practices at USV and has been successful also. He is a true team player as can be seen from the HR team he heads at USV. As a senior he is helpful to colleagues without even letting them know. I like this quality of him the most. I wish him all the best in his future and recommend him as a true professional and as a friend.”
Sanjeev Wangoo


General. Manager-Supply Chain,


USV Limted,Mumbai


“Suresh is a HR professional with lots of H - the human quality. I have known him for over 6 years and 3 positions now and each time, the one paramount feeling that I get after every interaction with Suresh is, here's a person who has his priorities very clear. With Suresh, you can be sure of prompt responses, a better insight into the organization and a lucid briefing. Blessed with a great sense of humour and an ability to relate to the junior most person with as much sincereity as the top honcho, Suresh is a great motivator.”
Saundarya Rajesh -


 Chief Executive,


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


  AVTAR Career Creators

“Suresh is a person of high integrity & understands people instinctively. He is very easily approachable & has the ability to persuade people with ease. He has a good understanding of the larger business objectives & is able to leverage his strength in HR to achieve the same.”
Anil Kumar V


Standards Manager


Britannia Industries

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