The inverted pyramid is the latest management mantra that organizations have embraced resulting in greater organizational effectiveness.


The fundamental principle of the “Inverted Pyramid” to drive the organization by empowering the front line workers towards achieving organizational objectives with the Middle and Top management supporting the front line managers.


This paradigm shift in the thought process in which organizations are moving away from a directive to empowering work environment.


Thus the ideology is to empower the base the front line which becomes the apex of the pyramid rather than the other way around, which had been a norm so far.

Guiding Principles


To be the most sought after Business partner to organizations across sectors


To help Organizations build a vibrant and motivating culture enabling achievement of individual & organizational goals

Erudite values

E – Engage Stakeholders
R – Robust Systems
U - Unleash Creativity
D – Delivering Value 
I  – Insightful Contributions
T – Transformational Leadership
E – Excellence Personified


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