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Erudite Management Solutions Pvt Ltd.

will partner organizations who believe in strong HR practices by building a sound functioning HR function and implement all operational HR systems and processes and create a strong vibrant HR set up.

Forward thinking organizations, with a team of employees, looking to improve practices and enhance performance metrics thus facilitating smooth and motivated working teams, may consider outsourcing all operational human resources functions


Questions that occupy maximum mind space in an entrepreneur


  • Do I have the right talent in terms of employees which will help me reach my goals?
  • Do I have the right number of employees?
  • Are my employees giving me the returns I expect from them?
  • Do I have the systems and Processes to motivate the employees to perform better?
  • How do I retain my employees?
  • Am I compliant with my statutory obligations?
  • How will providing training to my employees help my organization?
  • How do I build / Review long terms plans for my business?

Allow us to help you with solutions.


Guiding Principles


To be the most sought after Business partner to organizations across sectors


To help Organizations build a vibrant and motivating culture enabling achievement of individual & organizational goals

Erudite values

E – Engage Stakeholders
R – Robust Systems
U - Unleash Creativity
D – Delivering Value 
I  – Insightful Contributions
T – Transformational Leadership
E – Excellence Personified


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